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    CALF PRO START SYRINGE 30GRM Calf Single Feed. Specially formulated to work against digestive upsets. DIRECTIONS OF USE: Administer the full contents of the tube to the back of the tongue as soon as possible after birth. Store in a cool, dry place (below 15º) in original packaging. Protect from frost. COMPOSITION: Vegetable oil and fat, Egg powder, Bovine colostrum, Whey powder, Vegetable oil, Ewe milk whey, Whey protein concentrate, Wheat gluten, Yeast product. TRACE ELEMENTS: ADDITIVES PER KG: Iron (as Ferrous sulphate monohydrate (3b103)) 1,000mg Manganese (as Manganese sulphate monohydrate (3b503)) 2,500mg Organic selenium from Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 (3b810)) 15mg Selenium (as Sodium Selenite (3b801)) 5mg Zinc (as Zinc sulphate monohydrate (3b605)) 2,500mg ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude protein 9% Crude fat 72% Crude bre 0.1% Crude ash 6.5% Sodium <0.1% VITAMINS: Vitamin A (3a672b) 500,000iu Vitamin D3 (3a671) 80,000iu Vitamin E (3a700) 1,000mg

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  • Sureseal 120 Syringes

    Sureseal 120 Syringes

    VPA22664/116/001   Presentation Tubs of 120 4g applicator syringes containing 650 mg/g Bismuth subnitrate Uses For the prevention of mastitis in dairy cows during the non-lactating (dry) period and early post-calving. Dosage & Administration READ THE ENCLOSED DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION LEAFLET BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCTDuring the administration of the product it is important to ensure that infection is not introduced. Accidental introduction of bacteria into the quarter during insertion of the intramammary syringe can result in serious mastitis. Thoroughly clean hands prior to administration and wear clean gloves during administration. Immediately after the last milking at drying off, prior to treatment with Sureseal, the udder should be stripped and each teat thoroughly cleaned with a suitable disinfectant.Carefully infuse the entire contents of one injector into each teat to form a seal, preventing the ingress of pathogenic bacteria into the udder during the dry period.After infusion DO NOT massage or squeeze the teat as this may dislodge the seal.It is recommended that Sureseal be used as part of a herd approach to dry cow management and mastitis control. Cows considered likely to be free of subclinical mastitis and at risk for new infection in the dry period should be given Sureseal at drying off. Other animals should be managed in accordance with an approved mastitis control plan or specific veterinary advice. For practical purposes, selection criteria may be based on the mastitis and cell count history of individual cows, or recognised tests for the detection of subclinical mastitis, or bacteriological sampling. As a guide, where there has been no episode of clinical mastitis and at least three individual cow cell counts are available, cows with all cell counts below 250,000 cells/mL may be given Sureseal. Maiden heifers (first calvers): Administer Sureseal approximately 4 weeks prior to calving to reduce the risk of post-calving mastitis. Use in combination with antibiotic therapy: In cows that have sub-clinical mastitis, Sureseal may be used following administration of a suitable dry cow antibiotic treatment to the infected quarter. The dry cow antibiotic should be administered in accordance with the product label and massaged into the quarter. Following administration redisinfect the teat and infuse Sureseal as recommended above. After Sureseal infusion DO NOT massage or squeeze the teat as this may dislodge the seal. Milking machine advice: To reduce the potential for Sureseal accumulation in milking machines and reduce the risk of particles entering milk in the vat, thoroughly hand-strip Sureseal out of each quarter, 10-12 strips per quarter, at the first milking of fresh cows. Where possible, avoid removal of Sureseal by the milking machine. Keep milk from fresh cows out of the vat for a minimum of 8 milkings (10 milkings in induced cows) or in line with industry standards designed to minimise colostrums entering milk for processing. If possible, use designated clusters and test buckets during this time to minimise adherence to rubberware and milk lines. Clean milking equipment carefully to prevent particles entering the vat. Change filter socks regularly, particularly if residual teat sealant is visible on the filter. Withdrawal Period MILK: DO NOT USE in lactating cows or within 4 days of calving. After calving, colostrum or milk from treated dry cows MUST NOT BE USED for human consumption or processing for 96 hours (8 milkings). MEAT: Zero (0) days.


  • Dual head for ErgoPro Cara clippers


  • Heiniger Cutter & Comb Clipper Blade Pack (Wide)

    Heiniger Cutter & Comb Clipper Blade Pack (Wide)

      Replacement set of clipper blades 1 Pro legend comb blade 2 jet cutters blade Heiniger are noted for highly percise products in the realm of clipping and shearing. This pack contains a replacement set of two jet cutters and 1 comb clipper. This comb clipper set is of the wide set type used for grooming and shearing sheep.


  • McCulloch Calf Resuscitator

    McCulloch Calf Resuscitator

    One person can operate the McCulloch Medical™ Aspirator/Resuscitator using an easy push/pull action. Valves at each end do all the work. On the wide end there are two one-way induction valves for aspiration. On the narrow end there is one two-way valve for resuscitation. Aspiration -Attach the aspirator mask on the wide end and place over the muzzle. -One-way induction valves draw air into the unit on the out-stroke. -A vacuum is created when the unit is pumped to remove mucus or fluids that may be blocking the airway. -Tilt head back to open airway. -Four or five pumps will draw the mucus or fluids into the aspirator mask. -Remove the aspirator mask from the pump and follow resuscitation instructions. Resuscitation -Attach the resuscitator mask to the small end of the unit and place over the muzzle. -The one-way valve will induct air into the unit on the out-stroke and drive it down through the two-way valve into the lungs on the in-stroke. -The two-way valve then opens and allows oxygen-depleted air to escape to the side and NOT be reintroduced to the patient. -Resuscitator should be pumped every 5 to 10 seconds to allow full exhalation. -Breathing should be stimulated with as few as 5 to 10 pumps. Check for breathing every few pumps. -If not breathing after 4 to 5 pumps, turn the calf over and repeat. This will allow the lung previously closer to the ground and weighed-down by internal organs to inflate more easily. -Continue while heartbeat remains.


  • Liscop Cattle Clippers 3000

    Liscop Cattle Clippers 3000

    Strong but silent motor has exceptional power reserve and features oscillating drive system for extremely quiet operation. Special ventilation system for motor ensures trouble free running. Comes fitted with A5 blade and comb, clipping oil and case.


  • Liscop 4000 Cattle clippers

    Liscop 4000 Cattle clippers

    The shearing model from the new “4000” series is designed to replace the long serving Liscop “Profi” 3000 shearing machine which through no fault of its own has with the passing of time become somewhat dated in this modern era of new technology and slimmer machines. Basically this model is the Liscop “4000” series horse/cattle clipper with a sheep head fitted. The new “4000” series sees the creation of a refreshing new ergonomically body styling with a greatly improved head design all of which will enhance clipping or shearing. Considerable improvement has been achieved with vibration levels due to the energy efficient DC technology. Built on the success of the earlier 3000 machine a number of internal improvements have been made including a cooling system with special dual purpose ventilation for the motor, gear box, head and cutter and comb blades to give an improved performance. The machine drive system is double stepped, encapsulated with gears permanently lubricated. The cutter drive system comprises of a complete eccentric with tension distributor allowing for a smoother shearing operation and longer lifespan. Easily removed air filter requiring no tools. . . One point to bear in mind – the on/off switch is located on the upper casing at the rear and is therefore not readily accessible in relation to operator’s safety in an emergency situation especially where unpredictable animals are involved.


  • Calf Pens

    Calf Pens

    Calf pens are a necessary part of any well-planned calf house. Individual calf pens have two plastic stepper slats making the pens more hygienic, easier to clean and more comfortable for the calf. These calf pens have a press-steel plate side and front that is hot dip galvanized. The hinged front gate provides easy access to the calf. The pen is quick to assemble and dismantle and fold up neatly for easy storage. They provide superior comfort for the animal and makes it easy to control newborn calves. These ODEL calf pens comply with new EC directives on calf penning. We have several accessories for our calf pens, bucket rings, bucket blanks a hayrack and you can also add the calf pen support bars to every second pen for added support. You must buy a Starter side to start a row of pens.


  • Liscop Rechargeable Clipper

    Liscop Rechargeable Clipper

    TheLiscop Rechargeable Clipper is a new 7.2 volt clipper with Li-Ion battery. It allows you to clip cord free for up to 2 hours. It is a silent clipper with a slim and short housing giving it excellent grip. Due to the perfect distribution of weight, clipping over long periods is no longer tiresome. A new powerful motor along with a set of A107 blades ensures perfect clipping results. The  Liscop Rechargeable Clipper comes with a set of A107 blades, battery charger and one spare battery all in a handy and solid plastic carrying case together with clipping oil. Features of the Liscop Rechargeable Clipper Weight: 1,145g Approx. 2,100 double strokes per minute Cutting speed Dimensions: 50x49x315mm Drive system: single step, encapsulated, self-lubricating Clipping Head: Aluminium black coated Cutter Drive System: "Whispering"oscillating with pressure distributor for longer life span run


  • CFS Clippers + Blade

    CFS Clippers + Blade

    Please Allow Lead time of 7-10 days. Updated on the 26/10/22   Sold Seperately  Clippers €325 Blade €40 Get 1 years warranty. Clippers comes with two batteries, two blades, one charger and clipper oil.  


  • LIVERYMAN Clipper Care Kit

    LIVERYMAN Clipper Care Kit

    Pack contains 200ml of Liveryman clipper oil spray 200ml of Liveryman clipper blade wash and brush.


  • JFC Six Teat Reservoir Calf Feeder

    JFC Six Teat Reservoir Calf Feeder

    The JFC Six Teat  Reservoir Calf Feeder is fitted with an inverted or non-return valve teat to deliver milk by gravity feed. Please allow lead time of up to 7 working days


  • JFC Ten Teat Reservoir Calf Feeder

    JFC Ten Teat Reservoir Calf Feeder

    The JFC Six Teat  Reservoir Calf Feeder is fitted with an inverted or non-return valve teat to deliver milk by gravity feed.  Please allow lead time of up to 7 working days


  • JFC Ten Teat Reservoir Calf Feeder with Easyflow Teats

    JFC Ten Teat Reservoir Calf Feeder with Easyflow Teats

    Designed to Feed 10 Calves at once Can be fitted with Starter or EazyFlow teats. Designed with 2 reinforced hangers for mounting on a gate, rail or fence. Fitted with 2 hooks to provide extra security and to prevent calves from knocking the feeder. Designed with minimum crevices making them easy to clean. 20mm bored holes for teat fitting. Please allow lead time of up to 7 working days


  • Clip-on Calf Feed Trough

    Clip-on Calf Feed Trough

    The ODEL clip-on trough is a galvanized feed trough with adjustable hooks to clip onto most gates. The stock lengths of this style are available in lengths of   1.25m,   1.94m and  2.5m.  This is a sturdy robust trough that is unlikely to be knocked off a gate.


  • Calf Creep Feeder 1Meter

    Calf Creep Feeder 1Meter

    Calf Creep Feeder, for use all year round. This mini calf creep feeder is 1m wide and is designed for easy movement. It has a hopper capacity of 25 kg. The mini calf creep feeder can clip to a gate. There is a crow flap to help prevent feed from being accessed by birds and to protect feed from harsh weather conditions. There is a unique hinged cover for easy filling from the front or back of the hopper and has an adjustable flow rate. Features 1m wide Hopper capacity 25kg Unique hinged cover for easy filling from front or back Adjustable flow rate 2mm Galvanised Steel Curtain maybe a different colour to images


  • Calf Transporter Yard Mate

    Calf Transporter Yard Mate

    Heavy duty pressed steel body with removable mesh sides 4 pneumatic wheels, front swivel undercarriage Unique braking & stopping control on towing handle Optional Aluminium ramp available for ease of loading


  •  -€7.00 Calf-Comfort Calf Jacket (Medium)

    Calf-Comfort Calf Jacket (Medium)

    Give your calves the best start in life by protecting them with the highest quality calf jackets from Europe’s largest supplier.Our calf jackets help maintain the calf’s ideal thermoneutral temperature (12C- 25C) and protect them from draughts and rapidly changing weather conditions.Recommended for calves aged 0-5 weeks, these jackets bridge the gap between milk and concentrate consumption - they help increase weight and make the herd less susceptible to disease. Lowers calf mortality rates Protects from sudden temperature changes and draughts  Minimizes illness Durable materials Designed for calves and farmers

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  • Trusti Colostrum Bag Peach Teat attachment


  • Shamrock Dairy Calf Breath Easy

    Shamrock Dairy Calf Breath Easy

    Shamrock Calf Breath-Easy is a palatable seaweed-based supplement that is aimed at boosting the immune system of young calves. This bucket allows you to provide your calves with a continuous source of minerals, vitamins and trace elements while preventing coughs, pneumonia and other respiratory issues.  KEY FEATURES: 12.5 KG buckets Helps blood circulation Promote Reproductive Efficiency Enhances bone strength Supports Immune system Promote Muscle contraction Conditions Skin and Coat Boost Metabolism Strengthens Hooves Gastrointestinal Buffer Suitable for calves up to 12 weeks 


  • Aurelia® Robust 9.0. Nitrile Gloves Buy 9 get 1 FREE

    Aurelia® Robust 9.0. Nitrile Gloves Buy 9 get 1 FREE

    Aurelia® Robust 9.0 ® is a premium quality Nitrile examination glove that offers greater tensile strength and protection than both Latex and Vinyl. Nitrile examination gloves offer extra comfort and flexibility. 5mil Powder-Free Nitrile 9 Newton Non-Sterile Beaded cuff Ambidextrous Latex Free AQL 1.5








    Presentation: 1'sActive Ingredients: Marine Peptides, Dairy Peptides (L-Tryptophan), Sorbitol, Glycerine, Xanthan Gum, Preservatives, Apple Flavour. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) 1000mgDescription: Chillax is a scientifically designed nutritional supplement to help calm excitable horses in stressful conditions, therefore maximising equine performance. Daily intake contains a proprietary complex blend of marine & dairy peptides designed to restore chemical balance to central nervous system. Some horses are naturally nervous animals and some are affected by particular situations such as travelling, competitions, sales and clipping. Horses have different thresholds in how they react to particular situations and as such they require a supplement flexible enough to adapt to various situations.Tailor the ChillaxTM intake to the horse's specific needs.Dosage: Give 20ml per 500kg horse the night before and 2 hours before stressful activity. Repeat as required.




    Presentation: 30mlActive Ingredient: Propylene glycol, Dextrose, Copper amino acid hydrate. Per 30g: Copper (E4) 450mg, Total sugars 32%.Description: Chelated copper gel to supplement deficiencies in horses and ponies. Symptoms of deficiency include: anaemia, fungal skin diseases, stary coat, seedy toe, scouring, fence chewing. It will also assist in reversing weak bone and joint deformity especially in new born foals. Supplemental copper should only be administered horses and ponies after veterinary advice. Dosage: Adult Horses Full syringe every 7-14 days. Foals & Yearlings 15g every 7-14 days.


  • Shamrock Dairy PRE CALVER block (PREMIUM MINERAL)

    Shamrock Dairy PRE CALVER block (PREMIUM MINERAL)

    shamrock Dairy Special block is a seaweed-based lick for heifers and cows pre/post-calving. It will help safeguard the calving event (calf & dam). It will also promote fertility and overall health.   18kg Promotes healthy newborn calf Quality colostrum Offset metabolic conditions Improves fertility Contains a rumen-buffer No fillers Cost-effective Weather-proof


  • ErgoPro Hush Dual Head Clipper (Mains)

    ErgoPro Hush Dual Head Clipper (Mains)

     Why buy two when one will do!!! These highly durable dual head  clippers are the latest in ergonomic design with non-slip polyamide finish, reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.  A very robust clipper that doesn't overheat like other brands, we have so many customers commenting at how surprised they are at how cool these clippers stay. Now the one clippers can keep the cattle and sheep trimmed up and your horses and ponies clipped. Built for prolonged use, These are very tough clippers, very durable and very fast and suitable for high volume work Horse Head: Excellent Horse Clippers, Quieter and Faster than many other models, Choice of blades , 1mm/ 3mm Very handy show clipper for Pedigree Cattle professionals Tidy up Freeze Brands 3mm Blade and/or Freeze brand prep with 1mm blade Switch Heads (two screws) and your Cattle and Sheep clippers is ready to go Clip backs and tails Dag Sheep /Lambs, shear small flocks, Model :ErgoPro KLP955Motor Size :200WVoltage :220 - 240VCutting Speed :2800 RPMWeight :1.4 kgsDecibel Rating :68 dBCertification :ISO, CTA, CEWarranty  : 1Year Warranty, 7 Days Advance Replacement IncludedHorse Head fitted  with 1mm blade, Cattle/Sheep Head fitted with Dagging Comb and Cutterscrewdriver,storage casebrush to clean air intakeoil bottle, spare motor brushes and  head springs5.7 m.  cable     WARRANTY INFORMATION 7 days Advance Replacement warranty After 7 days there is a 12 Months (Fast Turnaround) RTB warranty (Return to base) You send the clipper back to us and we will repair or replace your clipper


  •  -€40.01 ErgoPro Hush Sheep and Cattle Clipper ((Mains) plus free blade

    ErgoPro Hush Sheep and Cattle Clipper ((Mains) plus free blade

    These highly durable clippers are the latest in ergonomic design with non-slip polyamide finish, reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.  A very robust clipper that doesn't overheat like other brands, we have so many customers commenting at how surprised they are at how cool these clippers stay. Perfect clippers for a busy yard or the professional clipper as they are built for continuous clipping   Model ErgoPro KLP902 Motor Size 200W Voltage 220 - 240V Cutting Speed 2500 RPM Weight 1.4 kgs Decibel Rating 68 dB Cable Length 6 Meters Certification ISO, CTA, CE Warranty 1 Year Warranty, 7 Days Advance Replacement Included Clipper with dagging blade, lubricating oil, carry case WARRANTY INFORMATION 7 days Advance Replacement warranty Should your clipper develop a fault within 7 days of purchase we will ship you a new one and collect the faulty one at our cost After 7 days there is a 12 Months (Fast Turnaround) RTB warranty (Return to base) You send the clipper back to us and we will repair or replace your clipper

    €250.00 €209.99

  •  -€75.00 ErgoPro cara clippers

    ErgoPro Cara clippers with Handy trimmers and free dagging blade

    These are very tough clippers, very durable and very fast, suitable for high-volume work Great for clipping backs of cattle Very handy show clipper for Pedigree Cattle professionals Also suitable for dagging or shearing sheep These are very tough clippers, very durable and very fast

    €460.00 €385.00

  • NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher

    NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher

    The NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher is a metal drencher designed for the oral application of sheep and cattle or for multiple dosing. The ergonomic, user-friendly design and strong materials which are used in manufacturing, guarantee a tireless operation and a high lifetime of the NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher. The Drencher comes with feed tube, lube and a hose adaptor. Widely recognised as one of the most accurate drenchers in the world, the NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher is now even better thanks to an improved design. This high quality precision instrument is suitable for a variety of livestock and is strong enough to use with cobalt high guard boluses without any ill effect. The drencher has an easily adjustable measurement gauge for an economic and efficient use of drench. The specially designed anti-spin nozzle and comfort grip ensures that animals will be treated with minimal effort and stress.  Features of NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher Automatic Self-Filling Syringe Metal frame Innovative and Ergonomic Design Simple Handling and Easy Cleaning Highly resistant adjustable Dosage Accurate doser Feed tube, lube and hose adaptor. 


  • Growvite Calf

    Growvite Calf

    Growvite Calf is a high quality nutritional supplement that delivers chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are essential for growing calves. It is especially effective at times of stress, such as weaning or sickness. Manufactured in a GMP compliant facility to the highest specifications, Growvite Calf helps boost condition in dairy and beef calves. Unique molasses-based formula for optimum absorption, ideal at weaning or times of stress & can be given in conjunction with worming programme.


  • Shamrock Calf Starter Block

    Shamrock Calf Starter Block

    Shamrock Calf Starter Block is high in crude protein (soya protein), minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It can be given to calves from three weeks old and is designed to help promote the development of the rumen and boost overall immunity.   This feed block is not a substitute for ration and should be given as complementary feedstuff 10 KG buckets Can be used for calves older than 3 weeks old High in protein, oils and fats Contains EMX: a natural plant extract added to maintain the integrity of the digestive tract while destroying scour-causing protozoa (e.g: coccidiosis) Improves weight gain Improves overall appearance Low usage rate Rumen buffer Weather proof


  • Shamrock Sheep Mineral Block

    Shamrock Sheep Mineral Block

    Shamrock Sheep Mineral Block is high in minerals, trace elements and vitamins necessary to offset deficiencies and promote health, particularly during times of increased stress. Rich in all micronutrients necessary for fertility, strong immunity and overall health. 18kg Provides good nutritional support Higher levels of Zinc for hardening hooves to help prevent foot rot Continuous supply of vitamins, minerals and trace-elements Rumen buffer Low usage rate No fillers Weather-proof Seaweed-based


  • Heiniger Handy Horse Clipper

    Heiniger Handy Horse Clipper

    • A smaller more compact version of the famous Heiniger clipper.• The short, slim hand grip is easy to hold, even for small hands.• It is well balanced and quiet, important when clipping nervous horses.• Motor output; 120W.• Speed; 3200 double blades strokes/min.• Lightweight at 1280g.• Quiet running.


  • Masprep Tube Natural Mastitis Tube (NO WITHDRAWL) + Mastomint

    Masprep Tube Natural Mastitis Tube (NO WITHDRAWL) + Mastomint

    MASPREP Natural mastitis tubes, no withdrawl. Approved for organic farming. The Natural Alternative with good success rate & no milk withdrawl period after use. KEEP IT SIMPLE, KEEP IT NATURAL   Direction of use; Thoroughly milk out the offending Quarter & apply 2 Tubes of MASPREP followed by 1 Tube twice Daily until the milk is clear. It is always advisable to massage the affected quarter with Mastomint COOL-GEL. Once the milk is clear it can then go straight into the TANK, with NO withdrawl period.    ALWAYS USE EARLY FOR BEST RESULTS MASPREP works because it has these unique advantages: PENETRATION CLEANSES




    Please allow lead time of up to 7 working days


  • Ambic mastitis detectors outer case


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