C-Dip Teat Dip

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C-Dip Teat Dip

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C-Dip Teat Dip



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C-Dip is an excellent product for maintaining pre and post milking hygiene. Without proper care being taken around milking time, the condition of your cow's teats can deteriorate, often causing mastitis as well as other dangerous infections. Using C-Dip will help to prevent this from happening. Formulated using chlorhiexidine, and combined with a variety of excipients, C-Dip is designed to ensure excellent teat condition in milking cows. Aside from its primary ingredients, C-Dip is fortified with eucalyptus oil.

Key reasons to use C-Dip:

Milking hygiene: C-Dip helps you to maintain excellent hygiene at milking

Teat condition: C-Dip will keep your cow's teats in good condition

Premium quality natural ingredients: C-Dip contains Eucalyptus Oil 

Key features of C-Dip:

  • Maintains good hygiene
  • Maintains teat condition of milking cows
  • Contains natural ingredients