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Gallagher S40 solar fence energiser including battery

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Sizing guide
The S40 is the ultimate energiser for fencing of up to 5 km. The energiser is quick to install and easy to transport. The energiser will work for 3 weeks without sunlight and has a built-in lightning conductor. This makes the S40 an excellent alternative to a battery-operated system.

The S40 is quick and easy to install and convenient to transport. This robust and highly portable unit makes a great alternative to battery-powered systems.

- Maximum output voltage (V): 7900
- Charging energy (J): 0.40
- Maximum impulse energy (J): 0.29
- Solar panel (Watt): 4
- Number of earthing rods required: 1 x 1 m
- No vegetation (km) (recommended): 5
- Light vegetation (km) (recommended): 3
- Dense vegetation (km) (recommended): 1.5
- Fence surface (ha) (recommended): 2