LCalf-Comfort Calf Jacket (Small)
LCalf-Comfort Calf Jacket (Small)

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LCalf-Comfort Calf Jacket (Small)

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Size:1 Calf coat
Give your calves the best start in life by protecting them with the highest quality calf jackets from Europe’s largest supplier.
Our calf jackets help maintain the calf’s ideal thermoneutral temperature (12C- 25C) and protect them from draughts and rapidly changing weather conditions.
Recommended for calves aged 0-5 weeks, these jackets bridge the gap between milk and concentrate consumption - they help increase weight and make the herd less susceptible to disease.

  • Lowers calf mortality rates
  • Protects from sudden temperature changes and draughts 
  • Minimizes illness
  • Durable materials
  • Designed for calves and farmers