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A Uniquely Formulated Complementary Feed of Chelated Trace Elements, Minerals, Vitamins and Amino Acids


1. Greater daily live weight gain with improved killing out percentage.


2. Improves coat and hair condition of showing cattle.


3. Improves overall herd health status therefore reducing cases of pneumonia and other viral diseases.


4. Ideal for calves, stores, finishing cattle and showing stock in pedigree and commercial herds.


5. Suitable for growing dairy replacement stock and breeding bulls.

6. Feeding Guidelines
3-5 months of age: 35ml feed volume per animal
6-11 months of age: 45ml feed volume per animal
12-17 months of age: 55ml feed volume per animal
18-23 months of age: 60ml feed volume per animal
24 months+: 100ml feed volume per animal