Opti-Skim Milk Replacer 60 x 20kg
Opti-Skim Milk Replacer 60 x 20kg

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Opti-Skim Milk Replacer 60 x 20kg

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Opti-Skim Milk Replacer 60 x 20kg


Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Opti-Skim is 24% protein, 19% oil and fat, 6.5% ash and 0.1% fibre. 


Opti-Skim has an extremely high level of skim milk powder included to give the desired clotting effect in the abomasum. 

As mentioned above, Auctus now has six calf milk replacers. This is in order to cater for every calf rearing situation such as for:

  • Holstein replacement heifer calves where frame growth is being pushed from the start of life with 26% protein;
  • Pushing frame growth along with fleshing calves simultaneously for replacement stock;
  • Promoting muscle laydown and development with frame growth in beef calves; and
  • Catering for the export industry.

All Auctus calf milk replacers include high-quality dairy ingredients and keep the health of the calf at the core of the formulations. Each of the products include the well-renowned triple shield protection.

Triple shield protection comprises:

  • A suite of enzymes which increases the growth of intestinal micro flora;
  • Sodium Bicarbonate to keep the acid balance healthy in the new-born calf; and
  • Sodium Butyrate to ensure the feed conversion efficiency in the abomasum is maximised.