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Volac Asgold

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Size: 500grm
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  • Blend of electrolytes, glucose and fibres that feed the calf and correct digestive upsets
  • Can be used for both mild and extreme stomach upsets
  • Can be mixed with both whole milk and milk replacer to ease calf back into full milk feed
  • Perfect first feed for bought in calves and calves that are under significant stress
  • Can be used for the recovery of sheep, calves, lambs and pigs

Volac Asgold is a unique blend of electrolytes, glucose and easily digested fibres. It can be diluted in milk or water and fed to calves for the prevention and treatment of scours, dehydration and upset stomachs. It is the perfect feed for bought in calves and calves that are going through stressful periods. Use where there is scour or diarrhoea or as directed by your vet. For mild scour give 50g reconstituted in 2 litres of milk or milk replacer made up at normal strength morning and evening. For moderate or severe scour withhold milk on day 1 and feed 100g mixed with 2 litres of water morning and evening or more frequently if required.