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Presentation: 20's
Active Ingredient: Each application consists of a bolus and a capsule:
• A rosin based, green cylindrical bolus, containing 1700mg iodine, 250mg selenium and 500mg cobalt.
• A maroon capsule, containing 12.5g of copper oxide needles.
Indications: Allsure Calf is a ruminal bolus and capsule for calves, providing slow release supplementation of copper, iodine, selenium and cobalt lasting up to 6 months. Where dietary intake of copper, iodine, selenium or cobalt is low, or where utilisation of iodine is depressed by forage goitrogens, or where forage has a high molybdenum content, the health and productivity of the animal may be improved by supplementation of these elements. The iodine, selenium and cobalt are released from the bolus by leaching, providing dietary supplementation. Spent boluses become enlarged and fragile. They are eventually shed, intact or fragmented, by being regurgitated or excreted. A proportion of the administered copper oxide lodges in the abomasum of the treated animal. This provides a sustained-release source of copper for absorption from the gut. This steady supplementation ensures adequate copper status but avoids the sharp rises in copper levels which can be associated with copper toxicity.
Dosage: Both bolus and capsule from the blister must be given together.

Animals weighing 100kg - 200kg
One maroon capsule and one green bolus.