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Chain and Drive Lubricant - CD-90

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Chain Spray - Permanent protection
CD-90 Chain and Drive Lubricant Spray is a heavy duty lubricant ideal for all types of Driving chains, Bearings, Conveyor systems and fast moving parts which bear load. CD-90 has varying viscosity properties initially penetrating and then thickening for excellent performance. CD-90 designed to resist throw off on moving chains. It is also used as a slideway lubricant on machine beds. CD-90 Chain and Drive spray will result in a quieter chain and longer chain life. CD-90 Chain and Drive lubricant is an extreme pressure rated product therefore can be used in a wide variety of locations. CD-90 can also be used as a lubricant in extreme weather conditions as it is water resistant. Silicone and CFCs free CD-90 is ideal for the lubrication of fork truck chains. Reduces friction and wear which will result in a longer chain and drive life. Excellent anti rust capabilities and reduces corrosion. CD-90 is also available in a Food Grade H1 certification version see our Food Grade Products section for details.
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Application range
  • Bearing Lubricant
  • Chain Lubricant
Consists of
500ml Aerosol
  • Multi viscosity capability
  • Ideal for wet and damp conditions
  • Silicone or CFC free
  • Anti fling properties
  • Strong anti rust capability
  • Highly water resistant and repellent
  • Water displacing properties
  • No added solvent
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