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Deosan OSAN Chlorine Free 3 in 1 20L

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  • A chlorine free disinfectant
  • Contains nitric acid and glycolic acid
  • Equally effective as CIP chlorinated products
  • Usage rate 280ml per 40 litres of water (280ml for a 4000 litre milk tank or a 4 unit milking machine)
  • Teagasc Tested

Divosan OSA-N is a highly effective chlorine free detergent suitable for use in milking parlours and bulk milk tanks. Osan is a one stop shop for all your dairy washing needs. With Divosan OSAN there is no need to waste time changing washing products or over complicating your washing routine.It is a nitric acid and glycolic based cleaning agent that is just as effective as chlorinated products. Divosan should be used as a replacement for your current descaler at least twice a week in milk parlours. The usage rate for Divosan is 280ml per 40 litres of water (280ml for a 4,000 litre milk tank or a 5 unit parlour). Moisture proof container which is best stored in a cool dry place.