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FREE Delivery on Orders over €120

Easi Phos

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EASI PHOS reduces the risk of hypophosphatemia in cows and cattle

  • Common signs of Phosphorus deficiency include: Pica (Eating disorder - Stones, Plastic, Soil etc.) and rough hair coats
  • 25L = 50 Cow pack




  • Phosphorous


Features & Benefits

  • Quick Acting.
  • Simple to Use and Highly Effective.
  • Soluble Phosphorous.
  • Reduce the risk of  Hypophosphatemia.
  • Phosphorous Supplementation Made Easy.
  • Minimal Labour. No Animal Handling.


Application Guidelines

Cows 50ml per head per day for 10 consecutive days

Add total solution directly to the drinking water each day or administer 50% of the solution to the drinking water each morning and the remaining 50% on the same day in the late afternoon.