Eco Dump Bucket (30 litre) With Lockable lid

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Eco Dump Bucket (30 litre) With Lockable lid

Sale price€265.00

FOOD QUALITY – FDA approved compound

•Easy to clean thanks to smooth internal surface

• DURABLE – Made from strong modern materials

• Acid and Detergent Resistant

• Completely Seamless Body for extra strength

• Resistant to low temperatures

• 30 Litre Capacity

• Permanent Scale in kg & lbs

• Translucent Body allows milk level to be easily read

• Comes with Lockable lid which is easy for transportaion

• Easy to carry and pour thanks to the ergonomic design of the bottom rim

• Ideal Suited for use with:

• Fresh calved & treated cows in the parlour

• Portable milking machines

• Traditional pipeline systems