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ErgoPro Cara (Battery) Dual Head Clipper (Cattle & Sheep)

Original price €400.00 - Original price €400.00
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€400.00 - €400.00
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  • Model- ErgoPro KLP800
  • Motor Size- 200W 50Hz motor
  • Voltage- DC10.8V
  • Battery- Lithium Ion
  • Cutting Speed- 2800 RPM
  • Decibel Rating- 68 dB
  • Weight- 1.2 kgs
  • Certification- ISO, CTA, CE
  • Warranty- 1 Year Warranty, 7 Days Advance Replacement
  • Included- Clipper and two heads with blades, 2 batteries, charging pod, carry case, lubricating oil.

Our strongest battery clipper yet, with long life 6000Mah batteries

These are very tough clippers, very durable and very fast, suitable for high volume work

A great clipper for various jobs as it comes with both horse and sheep heads

  • Great for clipping backs of cattle for pour on solution as well as tails

  • Very handy show clipper for Pedigree Cattle professionals
  • Also suitable for dagging or shearing sheep

These are very tough clippers, very durable and very fast 

Comes with two batteries that both lasts approx two hours each and with the charging pod, you can be clipping whilst having the spare battery on charge