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ErgoPro Master (Mains) Dual Head Clipper (Cattle, Horse, Sheep, Goat & Dog)

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Sizing guide
  • Model-ErgoPro KLP500
  • Motor Size- 450W 50Hz
  • Voltage- 220 - 240V
  • Cutting Speed- 2500 RPM
  • Weight- 1.4 kgs
  • Decibel Rating- 68 dB
  • Cable Length- 6 Meters
  • Certification- ISO, CTA, CE
  • Warranty- 1 Year Warranty, 7 Days Advance Replacement
  • Included- Clipper and two heads with blades installed, alan key, lubricating oil, carry case



These highly durable clippers are the latest in ergonomic design with non-slip polyamide finish, reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. 

As used by Trevor Jackson from the IBBCS, were he clips the whole bodies of their pedigree cattle before showing and then our Showman trimmer for heads.

A great clipper for various jobs as it comes with both horse and sheep heads

Perfect clippers for the busy professional as they are built for continuous clipping, Farm Relief managed 350 cows tails in one weekend with this clipper!