Goodnature A24 Automatic rat and mouse trap

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Goodnature A24 Automatic rat and mouse trap

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Goodnature A24 Automatic rat and mouse trap

Sheanliss Midleton

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Kill vermin in a humane way

The Goodnature A24 rat and mouse trap automatically kill 24 rats or mice without changing the pattern. It uses non-toxic attractants and humanely kills pests. The trap comes with a digital counter that tells you how many animals have been killed. In addition, the trap has a holder. This makes it easy to attach the trap to a tree trunk or wooden pole. Because the trap does not contain poison or other hazardous substances, it can be safely placed outside and inside. The design is made in such a way that birds or animals other than rodents cannot trigger the trap.


When rats or mice have discovered the attractive attractant, they will crawl into the trap. The trigger pin in the trap is activated by the rodent, causing a firing pin to kill the rat or mouse within a fraction of a second. Not long torment, but very quick death. After each catch, the trap instantly resets itself and is ready for the next.