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Presentation: 500ml
Active Ingredient: Per 100ml: Propylene Glycol 80ml, Vitamin A 50,000IU, Vitamin D3 5,000IU, Vitamin E 250IU, Vitamin B1 20mg, Vitamin B6 10mg, DL - methionine 20mg, Nicotinamide 20mg, Zinc 102mg, Manganese 61mg, Iodine 47mg, Iron 34mg, Cobalt 21mg, Selenium 0.75mg, Molasses to 100ml.
Indications: Rapid source of energy for cows suffering from sudden energy loss (Ketosis).
Dosage: Growvite Cow Aid should be given by drench 3 – 6 weeks after calving. Ask your specialist vet before you use it, but it is usually recommended that it be administered at the first signs of ketosis, or acetonaemia, with a repeat dose after 12 hours. If the condition persists, repeat after 24 hours.