Growvite Lamb 1 Litre

Growvite Lamb 1 Litre

Growvite Lamb 1 Litre

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Help your lambs to grow strong and healthy with Growvite Lamb. This high quality, nutritional supplement supplies chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are essential for thrive in growing animals. Should be administered with care and can be mixed with feed on an individual basis or given in water. The minimum interval doses should be three weeks. Growvite Lamb can be given from 3 weeks of age, can be administered orally, or added to milk, water or feed.

  • Unique formula, based on mulasses, for optimum absorption
  • Ideal at weaning or times of stress
  • You can use it in conjunction with a worming programme
  • Give orally, add to water or feed

Dose Rates:

Lambs: 2 ml per 5 kg

Weaned Lambs: 7 ml,

Store Lambs: 15 ml

Contents per litre:

Selenium (as sodium selenite)          0.78g   

Iodine (as potassium iodide)               6.87g 

Cobalt (as cobalt sulphate)                 1.33g

Zinc (as zinc sulphate)                         6.97g

Manganese (as manganese sulphate) 5.33g

L-Lysine monohydrochloride                1.00g

Vitamin A                                              6.67 million IU

Vitamin D3                                            0.67 million IU

Alpha tocopherol                                   33, 300 IU

Ascorbic Acid                                         6.67g

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride                       533mg

Vitamin B12                                            2.67mg

D-Panthenol                                           0.67g

Folic Acid                                               533mg

Nicotinamide                                         1.33g

Thiamine Hydrochloride                        1.20g

Menaphthone                                        267mg

Methionine                                            2.33g

Iron (as ferric ammonium citrate)         2.00g

Biotin                                                   1.67g

Calcium Phosphate                            3.33g

Riboflavin Saodium Phosphate          0.67g

Crude Protein                                     2.5%

Crude Fibre                                        <0.1%

Total Sugar (as sucrose)                     27%

Crude Ash                                          10%

Moisture                                             65%

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