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Growvite Sheep 2.5LTR

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Growvite Sheep is a high quality nutritional supplement that provides chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are essential for improved fertility in sheep and for improved thrive in lambs and ewes.Ideal for ewes pre-lambing, ewes pre tubbing and lambs from 3 weeks of age.

Growvite Sheep has produced results in trials carried out by the Institute for Rural Studies at the University of Wales:

  • Lambs born alive increased by 22%
  • 50% decrease in barrenness
  • Ewes in better body condition

Instructions for proper use: 

Growvite sheep should be administered with care and can be mixed with feed on an individual  basis or given in water. For all breading stock use Growvite prior to mating and 4 weeks before lambing time and for all lambs after weaning and at one month intervals thereafter. The minimum interval between dosing should be 4 weeks.

Dose rates:

Sheep: 10ml per 50kg 

Store lambs: 7ml per 50kg

Weaned lambs: 3.5ml per 50kg

Contents Per Litre: 

Selenium (as sodium selenite)          1.17g

Iodine (as potassium iodide)              10.30g

Copper (as copper sulphate)               6.25g

Cobalt (as cobalt sulphate)                   2.00g

Zinc (as zinc sulphate)                          10.45g

Manganese (as manganese sulphate)  8.00g

L-Lysine monohydrochloride                 1.50g

Vitamin A                                               10 million IU

Vitamin D3                                             1 million IU

Alpha tocopherol                                    50, 000 IU

Ascorbic Acid                                         10.00g

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride                       800mg

Vitamin B12                                           4.00g

D-Panthenol                                         1.00g

Folic Acid                                            800mg

Nicotinamide                                      2.00g

Thiamine Hydrochloride                    1.80g

Menaphthone                                   400mg

Methionine                                       3.50g

Iron (as ferric ammonium citrate)    3.00g

Biotin                                               2.50g

Calcium Phosphate                        5.00g

Riboflavin Saodium Phosphate      1.00g

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Growvite Sheep 2.5LTR

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