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Henke Ecomatic Drencher- 12.5ml

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The Henke Ecomatic 12.5ml Drencher is the ideal drencher for a variety of livestock coming with tubing and a 1 litre bottle holder, as well as an 11cm nozzle. The Henke Drencher is hassle free designed with a self-filling syringe, saving an abundance of time and energy. The Henke Ecomatic Drencher also comes with an easily adjustable measurement gauge for an economic and efficient use of drench.

Features of the Henke Ecomatic Drencher:

  • Suitable for a variety of livestock
  • Tubing & 1L bottle holder inc.
  • 11cm nozzle
  • Self-filling syringe
  • Adjustable measurement gauge