Intra Repiderma Aerosol 250ml

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Intra Repiderma Aerosol 250ml

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Intra Repiderma Aerosol 250ml


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Intra Repiderma maintains the hooves of cattle in a healthy condition. Intra Repiderma is part of the Hoof-Fit line. The skin easily absorbs the micronized zinc and copper chelates to work rapidly. Intra Repiderma allows cattle farmers to keep their animals in optimal condition. The spray is highly effective against digital dermatitis, foot rot & other claw ailments and comes as a sprayable powder. In addition to its use on hooves it can also be used as a skin treatment and is extremely efficient at healing torn udders. Use in calving periods as a Naval Spray and after de-horning to promote healing.

Intracare’s protective derma spray for all types of animals

Intra Repiderma is a skin care product. Chelated minerals which, in contrast to traditional minerals, can be absorbed much more easily by the skin. Because of this, the product is not only active ‘on’ the skin, but also ‘on and in the skin (epidermis and dermis). This process is further intensified with Intra Repiderma because the chelated minerals are micronised using the latest techniques. In this micronisation process, the minerals are ground to minuscule particles of 3 μm, using specialist equipment. This is 25,000 times smaller than a grain of sand. Consequently, the particles are able to penetrate deeply into the skin in a short space of time, so that it can also perform its task there.

How to use Intra Repiderma:

  • Shake well before use
  • Keep the bottle at 15-20 cm from the surface
  • Direct the spray flow of the product on the surface until covered with a green layer.
  • Each bottle (250 ml) is suitable for approximately 90-100 treatments.

Animal types

Use this product on dairy cattle, horses, sheep and pigs. Use the product in every situation where infections have to be prevented and where weak spots in the epidermis or the skin can use a boost.