JFC Milk Kart with Mixer & Pump 170 Litre

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JFC Milk Kart with Mixer & Pump 170 Litre

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The JFC Milk Kart is the ultimate solution for the transportation of milk around the farm. It provides swift and effective calf feeding. This labour and time saving device is available fitted with a motorised mixer which eliminates the need to hand mix replacement powder. 
The Kart is fitted with two roller bearing pneumatic wheels and two braked swivel castor wheels to enable superior movement and smooth handling on any surface.

Features of the JFC Milk Kart 

  • Fitted with a CE approved motorised mixer
  • Polyethylene drum with 170 litre capacity placed in a galvanised steel frame
  • new control box.
  • new dispensing nozzle.
  • new 10” castor (easier to operate over uneven surfaces or rough ground and allows for smoother handling).
  • now features a silent running high output pump increasing the flow rate by 33%.
  • Mounted in a higher position the control box also features upgraded switches with LED lights to indicate when mixer / pump is in use.
  • Twist on lid to reduce spillages
  • 12V pump with digital flow meter
  • Capacity:     170L/38 Gal
  • Dimensions:     1180 x 675 x 1115mm
  • Pump: 36 litres per minute.
  • Battery: 12Vdc 42A Gel Type
  • Battery Charge Time: 8 - 12 hours (auto shut off)
  • Battery Run Time: 7,500 litres of milk on a single charge

Benefits of the JFC Milk Kart 

  • Ideal for transporting liquid milk or milk replacer around the farm
  • Minimises both the labour and the time spent feeding calves
  • It allows the user to control the amount of milk distributed to each calf
  • Eliminates the need to hand mix milk replacement powder
  • ​Feed up to 60 - 80 calves at once​
Please allow lead time of up to 10 working days