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Liscop 4000 Cattle clippers

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The shearing model from the new “4000” series is designed to replace the long serving Liscop “Profi” 3000 shearing machine which through no fault of its own has with the passing of time become somewhat dated in this modern era of new technology and slimmer machines. Basically this model is the Liscop “4000” series horse/cattle clipper with a sheep head fitted.

The new “4000” series sees the creation of a refreshing new ergonomically body styling with a greatly improved head design all of which will enhance clipping or shearing. Considerable improvement has been achieved with vibration levels due to the energy efficient DC technology. Built on the success of the earlier 3000 machine a number of internal improvements have been made including a cooling system with special dual purpose ventilation for the motor, gear box, head and cutter and comb blades to give an improved performance. The machine drive system is double stepped, encapsulated with gears permanently lubricated. The cutter drive system comprises of a complete eccentric with tension distributor allowing for a smoother shearing operation and longer lifespan. Easily removed air filter requiring no tools. . .

One point to bear in mind – the on/off switch is located on the upper casing at the rear and is therefore not readily accessible in relation to operator’s safety in an emergency situation especially where unpredictable animals are involved.

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