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Master Nutrition Milk Shield Milk Acidifier 8Kg

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Milk Shield is a milk acidifier that supports the health and immunity of calves fed whole milk. Whole milk in the stomach of the calf is digested by the formation of curds by acids and enzymes. At times, the large amount of milk can go undigested due to insufficient quantities of acid and enzymes. Acidified whole milk, supports the calves digestion by reducing the pH, and therefore requires less acid production.

  • Supports enzyme activity and weight gain
  • Improves milk intakes and weight gain
  • Promotes gut integrity and immune function
  • Reduces incidences of scour
  • Milk Shield can be used in both bucket and automatic milk feeders. RDA: one scoop (15g) per gallon of whole milk.
  • One 8kg bucket will treat 533 gallons of whole milk or 2423 litres.