Natural Stockcare Ewe Booster 500ml

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Natural Stockcare Ewe Booster 500ml

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Natural Stockcare Ewe Booster 500ml


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Ewe Energy Booster 500ml contains readily available energy to help the ewe meet her requirement during the lambing period. A full profile of essential trace elements and vitamins helps to aid recovery from stress during the lambing period. Ewe Energy Booster 500ml contains yeast designed to stimulate rumen function and feed intake.

Ewe Energy Booster 500ml is a fast working, high energy nutritional complex for ewes carrying multiple lambs. A 50ml dose will help support a ewe’s energy and nutritional needs, meaning that this 500ml bottle has enough for ten doses.


Active Substance
Vitamin A,D3,E, B1,B12,Niacin, Biotin
Trace Elements:
Manganese,Zinc,Cobaltous acetate tetrahydrate, Potassium Iodide
Amino Acids:
L-Lysine hydrochloride, DL Methionine.
Technological Additives:
Tocopherol-rich extracts form vegetable oils (delta rich)

Target Species

Treats and Controls
Provides a source of readily available energy to help the ewe meet her requirement during the lambing period.

Application Method
Applied as a drench straight from the bottle

Withdrawal Period

50ml per ewe.
This can be repeated within 24 hours if required, after which do not repeat within 30 days.

Composition of Ewe Energy Booster 500ml
Dextrose, Cane molasses, Propylene glycol, Sodium chloride, Glycerine, Apple cider vinegar and Yeast product.



Key Features of Ewe Energy Booster 500ml

  • High energy
  • Aid Recovery
  • Contains trace elements and Vitamins
  • Conatins Yeast
  • Support rumen function
  • ​50ml dose