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Size: 5 Litre
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OmniCox is a broad spectrum disinfectant for the Prevention And Management Of Coccidiosis And Cryptosporidiosis


With the pressures placed on modern poultry and cattle farmers. The incidence of disease is always present. Especially from protozoa like Coccidiosis and Cryptosporidium. OmniCox is a powerful broad spectrum disinfectant with proven activity against excreted endoparasites.


A synergistic blend of gluteraldehyde and Coco Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride. OmniCox does not contain any phenol.

Key points:

  • Broad Spectrum Activity
  • Proven Residual Activity
  • Independently Tested
  • Active In The Presence Of Organic Matter
  • Suitable For All Animal Species
  • Effective Against, Virus, Bacteria, Fungi And Mould
  • Non Corrosive To Surfaces At Dilution • Effective On All Kinds Of Surfaces
  • DAFM approved – PCS 99434


Clean and disinfect all surfaces effectively. It is advised to use a cleaner such as Omniclean – applied at low pressure through a foaming lance at a dilution of 1-2% depending on soiling. Allow a contact time of 15-20 mins. Then thoroughly wash all surfaces with a power washer and allow to dry before applying OmniCox. When dry OmniCox can be applied to the floors and walls to an average height of one metre and allowed to dry.

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