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FREE Delivery on Orders over €120

Rait Bait box

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Secure bait stations are an important way of minimising the risk of rodenticides to children, pets and other non-target species. Designed with a clear understanding of natural rodent behaviour, Roguard®(Sorex) bait stations utilise this knowledge to minimize the extent to which bait boxes restrict the uptake of rodenticides by rats in particular.


Robust rat baiting box suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Strong and robust
  • Tamper resistant locks
  • Stackable for easy handling
  • Several quick and easy anchorage options

How to use:

The Roguard Ratbox Xtra contains a pair of steel bait block holders that can be fixed horizontally, or, by detaching the plastic hangers, can be fitted vertically. These items are not needed when using loose bait. They are only required if you want to securely fix bait. Always lock the ratbox xtra and place along rat runs(eg. against buildings, fences or hedges) and between nesting and feeding sites but always in places which are inaccessible to other animals and birds.

Allways refer to the direct ions for use as stated on the bait packaging