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SalvoHex Spray

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SalvoHex Spray is a powerful teat dip or spray, for use pre and post milking. Salvo Hex Spray can be used for inline teat dipping and spaying in automated milking machines. Salvo Hex Spray is Lactic acid based and is ready to use and provides excellent effective disinfectant properties.  Salvo Hex Spray provides the best udder health condition and helps keep herd cell counts down. 

Main substance: Lactic acid, glycerine, allantoin, lanolin, propylene glycol, aloe vera.

Features of Salvo Hex Spray

  • For use in Manual as well as automated systems
  • 6 fold care complex keeps teats smooth and supple
  • Can be used on Organic farms.
  • Keeps udder in good condition.
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