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Spreader push model gopart 60L

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Long description
Push model spreader with a capacity of 60l for easy and even spreading of manure, seeds and herbicides (granules).
  • Spreader setting precisely adjustable by lever on the handlebar
  • Stainless frame
  • Robust 14" 600-6 pneumatic tyres
Product details
  • This push spreader is designed for spreading different materials (rock salt, de-icing agent, sand and coarse-grained material)
  • Materials such as powder, manure, soil earth and gravel do not have the correct physical properties and should not be used in this spreader
  • The spreader should be pushed at a speed of five kilometres per hour. (brisk walking pace)
  • At higher or lower speeds, the spreading pattern changes
  • Wet spreading material also changes spreading pattern and flow rate
  • Carefully clean the spreader after each use
  • Clean well between the shutter plate and the underside of the hopper
Complete push spreader
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