Stockman 64 teat Mobile Calf feeder

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Stockman 64 teat Mobile Calf feeder

Sale price€5,000.00

Strockman 64 teat calf feeder.

Stockman Mobile Calf Feeders are an Irish made strong sturdy and easy to use mobile feeder.

These mobile feeders come on a single galvanised axle complete with ATV road worthy wheels.

Key features of the Stockman mobile feeder are:

  • Open through and lid manifold.
  • Large Access flip back lid.
  • Manual leveling system.
  • Impact resistant and UV stabilised plastic components.
  • Heavy Duty jockey wheel.
  • Large flotation tyres with strong mudguards.
  • Adequate teat spacing for Irish-born calves.
  • Top fill tank connector.
  • Galvanised steel work.
  • Easy Washing parts.
  • Litre gradients on front and rear.

The Stockman 64-Teat Calf Feeder will feed up to 64 calves at one time.

The teat spacing on the calf feeder allow the calves to feed comfortably and help them thrive.

Dimensions are 1650mm in height, 1900mm in width and 3810mm in length.

Maximum capacity- 640 litres.

Delivery time 6-8 days