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FREE Delivery on Orders over €120

Superthaw Semen Flask with AI Holder

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It is very important that bull semen is thawed consistently at the right temperature.

You should always contact your Semen Provider for their actual recommendations.

Here are some examples:

  • Normal semen  35-36°C (95°F)  for 45 seconds
  • Sexed semen 36-37°C (98°F) for 40 seconds

If the correct settings are not followed then a percentage of sperm may die long before they ever see a cow, this has even greater consequences for sexed semen and older straws.

Our new Dairymac Digital SUPERTHAW™ is designed and manufactured in the UK and based on a comprehensive list of ‘needs’ and ‘ desires’ in our discussions with farmers, Ai Technicians and Vets.

Dairymac Superthaw™ with AI Gun Warmer Lid

  • Adjustable digital temperature 20-45°C
  • (99% accuracy) which can be set at correct temperature for normal and sexed semen
  • Built in countdown timer with buzzer – one button operation
  • Gun warmer chamber – keep thawed straws and guns at a stable temperature
  • Large removable straw basket
  • Watertight lid with pressure relief valve
  • Fully insulated flask to help retain heat
  • Latest low energy use rated electronics
  • Supplied with 120-220vdc & 12vdc power supplies
  • CE, UL and cUL compliant