Ubera Dry 250ML

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Ubera Dry 250ML

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The generally increased milk production leads to more milk leaks at the start of the cow’s dry period. In addition, the decrease in the use of antibiotic-containing dry-off injectors results in a reduced protection. Both increase the risk of milk congestion and milk leakage. Research has shown that milk leakage at the beginning of the dry period is a significant risk factor during the dry period. The use of Ubera® Dry protects the teats at the beginning of the dry period.

Why use it?


  • Does not contain xanthane gum, lactic acid, nor triclosan
  •  Gentle for the teat
  • Coverage up to at least 5 days 
  • To be used at dry-off and one week before the expected calving date. Resulting in a lower somatic cell count in the next lactation.
  • A thin barrier that is quickly dry and insoluble in milk 




  • Apply on a clean teat
  • Dip the teat for ¾ in the cup (twice)
  • Slowly remove the cup while giving it a quarter turn
  • In the following days the barrier will slowly come off the teat skin
  • The teat-end remains protected for up to 5 days


Ease of use

Can be combined with internal teat sealants and intramammary antibiotics.

The Ubera® Dry plug from the teat-end comes off with the first milking and leaves no remnants in the teat canal.

Can be reapplied if deemed necessary.