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Udder Hair Remover straight lance for use with propane gas (Dairy)

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Udder Hair Remover straight lance for use with propane gas (Dairy)

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The Dairy Spares udder hair remover offers a quick and painless way to remove unwanted udder hair. This helps prevent manure, dirt and bacteria from accumulating on the udder, that may cause mastitis and Johne’s Disease in calves

The Udder Hair Remover works with a cool wave flame, which used in a continuous figure of 8 movement, removes excess hair from the udder without causing pain to the cow. Without hair the udder is less likely to retain dirt and bacteria, which dramatically reduces pre milking preparation time, helps reduce bacteria around the udder and raise milk quality

The “cool” flame produced by the Dairy Spares udder hair remover is generated by burning propane with reduced aeration. This provides a controlled flame reaching about 300° C, which in comparison to the 1000° C and above produced by a gas burner, allows the cow to perceive the hair removal process as a pleasantly warm procedure that takes only 2-4 seconds

Dried on dirt sticking to udder hair is not easily removed, even when using water or udder wipes. The “cool” flame leaves the udder clinically clean and destroys bacteria situated in the dirt accumulated on the udder, improving udder hygiene, considerably reducing the risk of mastitis and promoting improved milk standards

The Udder Hair Remover comes complete with adjustable propane regulator and gauge, 3meters of high pressure gas tubing, flow control hand valve and angled lance to make flame clipping while staying at the back of the cow