Vitulix 25 kg x 20
Vitulix 25 kg x 20

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Vitulix 25 kg x 20

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Size:25KG x 20 Buckets
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Vitulix 25 kg x 20

25KG x 20 Buckets


Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

Country Farm Supplies
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Vitulix is a high quality feed lick, specifically designed for young dairy and beef calves out on Spring pasture. Vitulix is the perfect mineral lick to support healthy young stock. Fortified with protein, oils and trace elements, Vitulix supplements your calves' grass diet, providing them with a complete feed and supplying all of their required protected minerals and vitamins. Produced from dehydrated molasses and possessing a dry matter content of 97%, Vitulix is the ideal supplement for farmers who want the strongest and healthiest spring calves possible.

Active Substance
8% Oil,13% Protein
Trace Elements
Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Selenium, Iodine, Cobalt.
A,D3,E,B1, B2,B6,B12, Biotin.
*25% more energy than regular ration!

Target Species

Treats and Controls
Maintains the required levels of oils, proteins, trace elements and vitamins.

Application Method
Bucket lick

Withdrawal Period

120 to 150g per cow, each day –1 bucket per 15-20 calves

Key Features of Vitulix:

  • Provides 25% more energy than bagged feed
  • Compliments grass- silage feeding
  • Contains protected protein, oils and trace elements and vitamins
  • Three protected sources of copper
  • Helps boost young calves to enable catch up with the older calves.
  • Made using dehydrated molasses for controlled intake

Key Reasons to use Vitulix:

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements:
Vituliix contains all of the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that your calves will need when taking to spring grass.

Contains more energy than bagged feed.

Disease prevention:
Helps prevent the spread of diseases via birds, such as coccidiosis

Bullying at trough: 
Reduces the risk of bullying at the feeding trough