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WD 40 Contact spray 400ml

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A technical spray from the Specialist line of the WD-40® brand. It is a special contact spray that cleans all electrical parts and contacts. This spray expels moisture, grease and dirt and restores electrical contact. It is a non-conductive spray suitable for use on sensitive electrical components.
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  • High-quality industrial cleaning spray
  • Also suitable for circuit boards
  • Contains alcohol and no acetone
  • Not conductive
  • With handy original Smart Straw® nozzle for wide and precise spraying
  • Dries quickly & leaves no residue
Product details
  • Alcohol based
  • Dielectric strength: 33,000V
Application range
  • To remove oil, dirt and oxidation residue from sensitive electrical or electronic equipment
  • For electrical assemblies, printed circuit boards, controllers, printers, etc.
  • For electronic equipment, contacts, plastics and rubber
WD-40 Specialist®
  • Fast-acting and non-conductive
  • Dries very quickly without leaving any residue
  • Penetrates through to hard-to-reach areas
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