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  • Daisy Paint 5L

    Daisy Paint 5L

     Water-based tail paint  Bittering agent  Blue, orange, green & red


  •  -€5.01 Milkmaster Keron 8mil Nitrile Gloves

    Milkmaster Keron 8mil Nitrile Gloves

    Specialised milking glove 30 cm long for comfortable protection wall thickness: min. 0.2 mm weight size M: 12.0 - 12.5 g/each non-sterile for single-use only 1.5 AQL (quality standard) ambidextrous free of latex and powder free from allergy-inducing thiurames, thiazoles and latex proteins food safe thick for high resistance tested to EN374 and compliant with EN455 EN374/1 tested (protection from chemicals & microorganisms) Box of 50 gloves Sizes M - XXXL

    €28.00 €22.99

  • Polyco Fn100  Finite nitrile gloves Heavy duty

    Polyco Fn100 Finite nitrile gloves Heavy duty

    Finite ® PF SKU: FN100 Blue nitrile powder free disposable glove FEATURES & BENEFITS Strength: Synthetic rubber offers better puncture and abrasion resistance than natural rubber or vinyl Comfort: Soft elastic material feels cooler and is more comfortable and flexible to wear Sensitive Skin: No latex proteins – eliminates protein sensitisation Powder Free: Low particle count reduces risk of product contamination Grip: Textured fingertips for improved grip Food Contact: Tested in accordance with European standard EN1186 making it suitable for food contact COLOUR: Blue BRAND: PH Bodyguards SIZES: S M L XL XXL PACKING: 100 gloves per dispenser / 10 dispensers per case 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


  • Daisy Paint + Brush (750mL)

    Daisy Paint + Brush (750mL)

    Apply a wide strip of tail paint in a single stroke with our patent-pending Daisy Brush. This brush has been designed specifically for use in tail painting and is both curved to match the tail bone and wide enough to lay down a 4cm (1.5in) strip of tail paint in a single stroke.


  • Fil Tell Tail Brush On Tail Paint 1L

    Fil Tell Tail Brush On Tail Paint 1L

    This is an oil based fluorescent tail paint for colour coding or general use. Directions for use Ensure animals are clean and dry before painting. Remove any loose hair. Apply a strip of paint 15cm long by 5cm wide forward along the spine from the tail head. Oestrus activity is indicated by the rubbing, or removal of the paint patch. Tell Tail correctly applied will last approximately 30 days on cows that have not cycled, depending on conditions.   To use this product to its full potential, follow the FIL Mating Management System: 1. Paint all cows with RED paint three weeks after calving. If rubbed, this indicates when the cow has started to cycle again. If the cow has not come into heat after calving you can take remedial action. 2. Paint all cows with GREEN paint immediately prior to commencing your AI programme. Rubbed paint identifies the cows coming into heat on a daily basis. 3. Paint each cow with BLUE paint as soon as she has been AI'd. This will tell you if she has held to the service. 4. Paint all cows with YELLOW when pregnancy is confirmed. Cows with RED paint have not cycled after calving Cows with GREEN paint are waiting to be AI'd Cows with BLUE paint are holding to AI service Cows with YELLOW paint are confirmed pregnant  


  •  -€9.50 One Colour Refill Kit

    One Colour Refill Kit

    This One Colour Refill Kit contains everything you need to get started with the Tailpainter, painting with one colour faster, safer, and easier than ever: Main handle (extends 65 - 115cm) with ergonomic "D handle" grip Parlour Extension (30cm long) One Applicator One Refill Bottle / Lid / Cap We recommend using a water-based tail paint.

    €249.50 €240.00

  • Teat Spray Arkshield

    Teat Spray Arkshield

    60% OF MASTITIS COMES FROM THE DRY PERIOD Be prepared and protected with the no1 teat spray on the market. ARKSHIELD TEAT SPRAY For your gold standard teat spray. Pre and post spray. Ready to use. 5% Lactic 0.35 Chlorhexdine. Up to 50% more active ingredients than other products on the market. Triple action skin conditioning. from high level of emollients. Barrier technology for longer contact time and kill. Contains real peppermint oil and increases blood flow in the udder. Acts as a natural fly repellent in summer time. Be 100% ready for when the milking kicks off.


  • Cheetah Headlite

    Cheetah Headlite

    A Rechargeable LED light perfect for on-the-go lights or as a work light. For a long-lasting battery that can be recharged, these LED lights might be your best option. This Rechargeable Headlite, can use the same battery over and over again. A powerful spot beam of up to 100m will give great vision at night.   Specifications:   Rechargable battery 4400mAh Battery 5hrs on high/ 24hrs on low 100m beam distance on high/ 30m on low 12 hrs recharge time Car charger, 230v main charger included LED Type: Spot light


  •  -€51.00 Gallagher Mains Fence Energizer M950

    Gallagher Mains Fence Energizer M950

    Suitable for fences up to 42km Integrated lighting protection Easy to install and operate Maintenance free 3 Year Warranty The M950 is a powerful mains energizer that is suitable for long, multi-wire fencing up to 42km. The energizer is maintenance-free and easy to operate. There is a built-in lightning conductor and an LED bar on the front that allows you to check energiser performance at a glance.

    €400.00 €349.00

  • Cheetah Cub Kit

    Cheetah Cub Kit

    A kit consisting of a Cheetah Cub energizer & a loaded 3:1 geared reel. Idea kit for fast and efficient strip grazing. The 3:1 geared reel is compatible with the Cheetah Cub and also all other Cheetah energizers.  Specifications:   9v/12v Cub Fences up to 1.5km of wire Strip grazer 0.2Joules Free 9v 130Ah Battery included Earth bar, earth & output leads included Loaded 3:1 geared reel with 400m polywire


  •  -€36.00 Gallagher M1400 Mains Fencer

    Gallagher M1400 Mains Fencer

    Gallagher M1400i mains energiser The M1400i is an extremely powerful, intelligent fence energiser that is suitable for multiple wire fences up to 35 km.  The external display communicates with the fence. The system is expandable with maximal 6 fence monitors and remote control.  

    €535.00 €499.00

  • Cheetah M60

    Cheetah M60

    Capable of electric fencing 200 acres. A large sized mains fencer perfect for bulls, cattle & sheep. This energiser contains the 3 different volatge levels which can be changed from low to high power output. This is very beneficial for the changing of animals within the zone the animals are fenced in.   Specifications:   230V and 15J Can fence upto 200 acres (72km) Need for large farm boundaries Suitable for sheep and bull control 2 Years Warranty IS/EN 60335-2-76: A12 Compliant


  • Nano Dual Teat Dip

    Nano Dual Teat Dip

    Nano Dual from Kilco is a disinfectant teat dip for lactating cows. Manufactured using lactic acid and chlorhexidine, Nano Dual is highly effective for both pre and post milk teat cleaning. Designed to maintain teat health, Nano Dual contains Glycerine to deliver superior teat condition. In addition, Nano Dual contains Peppermint Oil, which helps to improve blood flow to the teats. Nano Dual comes ready to use. Key reasons to use Nano Dual from Kilco: Disinfectant: Nano Dual kills infection that can lead to mastitis and other diseases Improved activity: Nano Dual is made using lactic acid and chlorhexidine, for improved activity Teat condition: Nano Dual contains glycerine, which helps to maintain good teat condition Peppermint Oil: Nano Dual contains real peppermint oil, which helps increase blood flow to the teats Key Features of Nano Dual from Kilco: Disinfectant teat dip Contains lactic acid and chlorhexidine for increased activity Contains glycerine, which contributes to good teat condition Peppermint oil increases blood flow to the teats



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