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Milk Bar Ezi Lock Replacement Hook - 2 Pack

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Ezi Lock Hooks enable you to hang your feeder on anything from rails to pipes with a total extended width of 75mm.

 - Feeders lock in place, completely bunt proof, saving you time
- Feeders sit snugly against the rail and won’t tip forward so the calves on the end teats will not run out of milk first
 - Ezi Lock Hooks enable feeders to hang upside down for complete draining!
 - Replacement Ezi Lock Hook sets available to modify older Milk Bar feeders with steel Ezi Lock Hooks
 - Made from virtually indestructible High Impact Nylon
 - Extra ribbing for incredible strength and durability
 - Weight, 2kg
 - 400mm long x 250mm wide x 400mm high