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FREE Delivery on Orders over €120

FarmTrak Non Safety Wellingtons

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The FarmTrak™ F-Tread LB1 is the non-safety version of our heavy-duty polyurethane work boot.

Designed for the seasoned farmer and aimed at intensive agricultural use, the F-Tread LB1 is a lightweight, flexible and extremely hard-wearing boot.

Our all-round Light Boot complies with EN ISO 20347 standards, which covers Personal Protective Equipment for Occupational Footwear.


Providing optimal grip and comfort, the heavy-duty F-Tread LB1 can be worn all-day, everyday. Light, but strong, it is proven daily under modern farming conditions.


A fully waterproof moulded seal and durable dual-density outer sole, make the F-Tread LB1 suitable for challenging conditions; severe wet weather, dry rocky environments or proximity to fire.


Due to the insulating properties of the polyurethane materials and construction, the F-Tread LB1 can be worn all year round. Warm in winter yet cool enough to be worn in summer, these boots truly are The Farmer's Choice.