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JFC Fast Fill Conventional Bowl 3.5 gal

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Size: JFC Fast Fill Conventional Bowl 3.5 gal
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  • Fitted with a fast fill 0.5 inch valve
  • Extremely impact resistant and capable of withstanding aggressive use
  • Large 16 litre capacity bowl
  • Easy cleaned and emptied with fitted drain off valve
  • Height adjustable thanks to two stainless steel mounting brackets

The JFC conventional drink bowl comes with a fast fill float to quickly supply water. This drinker fits neatly on the shed wall and it can be set at appropriate height for your stock using the stainless steel mounting brackets included. The drinker comes with a fully adjustable and accessible valve that is protected within housing. Its dimensions are 395x400x340mm and the colour is green. Its capacity is 16 litres and its has an extremely strong construction to withstand aggressive use. It is UV light stable and frost resistant. A 25mm drain off valve is included to allow easy cleaning of the bowl.