Lanodip 4:1 Iodine based pre and post disinfectant

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Lanodip 4:1 Iodine based pre and post disinfectant

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Size:5 L
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Lanodip 4:1 Iodine based pre and post disinfectant

5 L

Sheanliss Midleton

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours



A 4:1 ntrated iodine based pre and post disinfectant. Contains both lanolin and glycerine for superb skin conditioning. Can be dipped, sprayed or foamed.

  • Iodine based post milking teat disinfectant
  • 4:1 concentrate
  • High Emollient levels including lanolin & glycerine
  • Can be used for dipping and spraying

Recommended Usage: 

Post milking teat hygiene:

  1. The product should be diluted just prior to use by adding 1 part  product to 4 parts water.
  2. Fill teat cup two thirds full of diluted product and immerse each teat ensuring that the entire surface of the teat is covered OR Spray the full length of each teat.
  3. Refill the dip cup as necessary. Dip cups should be emptied after use and washed before re-use.

Udder washing:

When the teats are dirty clean them with a paper towel soaked in 25 ml of product concentrate in 8 litres of clean water. Prepare a fresh solution daily. Use one disposable paper towel for each cow.

Cluster dipping:

Between transferring clusters from one cow to the next, plunge the clusters 3 times into a solution prepared by adding 25 ml of product concentrate to 8 litres of water.