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Puresan Chlorine Free Detergant

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Size: 200L
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Puresan Chlorine Free is a powerful, multi-purpose sanitiser and cleaner formulated without chlorine. A broad spectrum disinfectant, Puresan Chlorine Free is most effective in hard waters. Puresan Chlorine Free is used for cleaning milking equipment by re-circulation. Puresan Chlorine Free is easy on steel components, and does not corrode or pit stainless steel. Use Puresan Chlorine Free for a range of cleaning and sanitation purposes in milk production, such as cluster dipping, final rinse in milking parlours, and DE bulk milk tanks. Puresan Chlorine Free is compatible with both hot and cold water.

Application of Puresan Chlorine Free:

Hot Water: In hot water, use 250ml of Puresan Chlorine Free for every 45 Litres.

Cold Water: In cold water, use 450 ml of Puresan Chlorine Free for every 45 Litres.