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FREE Delivery on Orders over €120

S3 Weigh Scale Package

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The new S3 Weigh Scale Indicator from Tru-Test. Simple to use, easy to read and features Bluetooth connectivity, so you can record animal weights and configure settings using the Data Link app or can be emailed or shared via other apps, as well as the weights being instantly visible on your smartphone screen. This indicator is perfect for the BEEP scheme, it is ideal for situations where you want to quickly and easily collect the weights of your animals.

Free Datamars livestock management package. Combined with the S3, Datamars livestock helps you track your animal’s weights and average daily gains and forecast their growth. so you can rest easy knowing you’ll meet your weight targets.

Does NOT connect to EID Readers or EID Tags – You have to go up to the EZI 7i or XR5000 Models

The Tru-Test S3 Package includes:

    • S3 Weigh Scale Indicator
    • Weighing Platform
    • MP600 Loadbars
    • Mounting Bracket
    • Charging Cable