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Stockman 10-Teat Calf Feeder

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Stockman Calf Feeders are an Irish made strong and sturdy Calf Feeder.

These Calf Feeders has a number of key features such as:

  • Galvanised steel hangers that will fit most types of gates and fences.
  • 22mm hole that allows a wide variety of teats to be fitted.
  • The teat well allows for maximum drainage.
  • Teats are well positioned out so that the calves are comfortable.
  • Made from a high standard material, that makes them easy to clean.


The Stockman 10 teat Calf Feeders will allow 10 calves to be fed at the one time.

The separate compartments allow for each calf to be fed evenly and fairly.

Maximum Capacity – 70 litres.

Dimensions are 1900mm in length, 300mm in height and 250 in width.