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Trim Rite XD Titanium 3 Blade 3mm

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Uses XD 3mm carbide inserts.

The XD Titanium Hog is a professional hoof trimming wheel. Made of Titanium that won’t distort, wear, or fail like the competitors aluminum wheels. The Hog is lightweight, putting less fatigue on the operator. The Titan has a smooth, aggressive, manageable cut, cutting on both sides of the hoof trimming wheel, making contouring and trimming between toes easy. Uses one 4-sided, indexable carbide insert per opening. Will trim hard or soft hooves, resisting rocks and sand. The open slot keeps the wheel from clogging and allows the chips to flow radially away from the operator. Great for bulk removal and finish work. Cost per cow, 2 to 4 cents. The Hog is Trim-Tec’s work horse. It costs less to operate and is not as aggressive as the Titan.

Diameter: 4 1/2″

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